Upland Bleu Pointers

About the Breed

Why This is the Best Breed Ever

Training / Temperament

Intelligent breed which generally responds well to training and learns quickly. This breed responds best with positive reinforcement based training methods.


Has a lively and affectionate temperament which makes it popular as a family pet. Because this is a working breed, it still requires plenty of exercise. It is also good natured and friendly. 

About Upland Bleu Pointers

Our Kennel for Braque d'Auvergne (Auvergne Pointers) offers this rare breed versatile hunting dog, which originated in France. 


Upland Bleu Pointers was established in 2013 when our family bought our first male Braque. His name is Balzac (at home we call him "Rex")


Our dogs live in our house with us, with all year outdoor access: running outside, chasing, and pointing at birds, enjoying life. They are very happy dogs.

Height: 21-24.5 inches

Weight: 48-62 lbs.

Best Suited For: Families with children, hunters, houses with a yard

Temperament: Sensitive, intelligent, lively, and obedient.

Comparable Breeds: German Shorthaired Pointer

The Braque d'Auvergne is one of several French braques, or pointers. A pointer is a gundog that has been bred specifically for their ability to point. This means that they will freeze when they have found game and point their muzzle towards that waiting animal to give the hunter its location. They point, track retrieve and love water.

The black and white coat come from either scent hounds and/or pointing breeds. Whatever the origin, a type of black and white pointing dog had been known in the Auvergne and Cantal regions of France for generations.